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If you want a mix of the rustic and modern style – head off to London for a grand dream wedding getaway. It’s easy to pick London for your wedding’s venue because the city resonate a romantic vibe.

London has assortments of venues that cater to small, medium, or large weddings. Couples can choose from historic places to gregarious luxury hotels for a wedding venue – the options are diverse and extensive enough to suit any wedding theme. Yes, there is a wedding venue in London for every couple out there.

Check out the top wedding venues in Location to help you with the guesswork:

  • Princess Victoria. This is the perfect Location for staging an intimate wedding. They have a grand Victorian décor that will suit a classic or formal wedding theme. This can accommodate a large guest list. The venue is famous for its food and wine plus very friendly and accommodating staff. The head chef also specializes in wedding cakes so you can order your cake directly from them.

  • Claridge’s. If you want an A-List setup and treatment, then this is the place to beat. The entire location, architecture, and ambience speaks volumes of how luxurious the place is. The venue can accommodate the entire wedding event from the main ceremony or marriage vows to the evening socials or reception. Whether you are looking for something grand or intimate, this is the one of the most dazzling place to say your “I do’s”.

  • Chelsea Physic Garden. If you are planning on an outdoor or garden wedding, then this would be the perfect venue. This is regarded to be one of London’s most popular and oldest botanical gardens. This is great for couples who wish for something intimate and dreamy especially if you want the sunset as a backdrop for your wedding night.

  • The Royal Exchange. If you want a unique grand entrance for your wedding, then this should be on top of your list. It provides that old and classic look that makes up a nostalgia type of wedding. They offer full service for weddings and can accommodate a large guest list of up to 250 people with an airy lounge space, dance floor, and wedding suite.

  • Somerset House. This is a famous wedding venue in London because it provides couples varied options for weddings. It can also accommodate up to 1,500 guests and has flexible options or arrangements with spaces and rooms. The location is near River Thames which makes it very majestic yet relaxing at the same time. This is a picture-perfect location for people who love taking photos especially with the panoramic views of the location.

  • The Petersham. Just one word to describe this venue – stunning. The Victorian building is pompous yet very elegant with its sweeping staircase, marble floors, and chandeliers that match intimate wedding ceremonies. It has a dreamy view that overlooks the river Thames and the green meadows which is perfect for wedding pictorials.

Weddings in London have turned out to be like a weekend affair because it has become one of the most coveted locations for weddings. It is a mix of cosmopolitan and classic which makes it the perfect wedding venue for couples who are looking to weaving a happy ever after tale that begins in London.